Our easy-to-use internet-based phone system offers your business affordability, flexibility and you get to keep your number!

Let`s meet and let me show you how our products can SAVE you up to 60% on your monthly telephone bill.

We are a VoIP service provider and supplier of 3CX Software Based VoIP IP PBX.

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Our Services and Products


Yealink desktop and cordless phones
The Yealink desktop and cordless phones enable you to dial out at a fraction of the cost and display your existing number without changing your telephone system.
VoIP system
The 3CX system lets you to enjoy the enormous cost benefits of making phone calls over the internet (VoIP) while still displaying your existing telephone number/s.
How can this much value be possible?

  • A VoIP phone system runs over the internet

Instead of relying on your traditional phone system that requires multiple lines, all you now need is a single internet connection

  • Your calls are packaged as data and transmitted online

So the actual cost of the call (from 29c per minute and per second billing) is far cheaper than even the best call rate currently offered by traditional landline and cell phone providers.

  • No more monthly landline rentals

You pay a once-off fee, which includes installation, hardware and licensing, and simply top up your call account as yougo! Top up your prepaid system via debit order.

  • No hidden costs

There is a once-off licensing cost based on maximum number of simultaneous calls made by your business (All features included). Software assurance is available at a small cost on an annual basis.
Wondering about automated receptionist, call recording, voicemail to email, conference calls, softphone, make and receive calls from anywhere via internet, and other value-added services? All included at no extra cost!
This Windows system is ideal for anyone looking for a more cost-effective phone system that is tailored to your specific business needs. The only requirement is that you have a stable internet connection and network at your office:
It’s the ideal system for:

  • Any business making lots of calls each day, such as Medical Practitioners, Travel Agents or Debt Collectors
  • Salespeople who want to be reachable on the same number whether they’re in the office or travelling
  • Lawyers and other Professionals working at home in the evenings but available via their office number
  • Business Owners who need to be accessible out of the country without the heavy cost of roaming
  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses looking for a centralised system to manage offices in different locations.



About AP21

AP21 is a VoIP service provider and supplier of 3CX Windows-based software. We can install turnkey systems anywhere in South Africa (as long as you have a stable internet connection) and offer ongoing remote support.


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